Our Collection

The Society has a very diverse collection of photographic, written, and manufactured items. The exact number of items in the collection is currently unknown however it is in the order of 10,000.

A program to regularize the catalogue is being planned.

The Society is particularly proud of its photographic collection which includes a Mayoral Collection which was originally housed in the Council Chambers building at 53 Warwick Street now used by the Society. This collection and others will be made available for access online.

The Society also has an extensive collection of written material including the Allora Guardian (1880-1934), the Allora Advertiser (1935-present), diaries and family histories.

Agricultural and rural household items are well represented in the collection and the Society holds a number of items which were locally manufactured and patented which made important contributions to agricultural development in the local area and the Darling Downs.

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