Looking Back…….

Looking Back……

is published each Thursday in the Allora Advertiser by the Allora Historical Society and  provides a weekly snapshot of happenings in Allora’s rich historical past each 25, 50, 75, 100 and 150 years ago.  These articles can be accessed via the following links:


2016-12-22  Jubb’s Inn Open for Business
2016-12-15  Removal Houses, Notice Pre-Wedding Evening, East Talgai Road,
2016-12-08  Word Perfect, Allora Shire Council Official Opening of  Allora Library, Pre-Wedding Evening,  Firing Crackers
2016-12-01  Amalgamation Proposal, Allora Kindergarden, Brothers Farewelled, Hall Opened
2016-11-24  Presentations, Allora Combined Youth Midnight to Dawn Dance, Welcome Home, Snakes Prevalent, Exemption Court, Final Figures
2016-11-17 Allora to go Green, Central Drapers, Bride to be Honoured, Allora Votes Yes, To Let.
 2016-11-03 Golden Wedding, Meeting Notice, Greek’s Fine Example, Automobile Run
 2016-10-27 Slaughter Yards
2016-10-20 Community Kinergarden, Area1 Rural Youth, Street Carnival, Assult in Allora
2016-10-13 The Final Word- Allora Coal
2016-10-06 Golf Course Planned, Allora Amateur Swimming Club, Soldiers Farewelled, Destroyed Wagon, Queens Arms Hotel
2016-09-29 Wattles Winners, Field Day, PM’s Visit, Deaths, Allora
2016-09-22 Wattles Rugby League Club, Meeting Notice, Boxing Tournament, No Cotton-No Shells
2016-09-15 Pigeons Galore, Canberra Trip, Gymkhana Allora Rural Youth, Garden Party at Goomburra, Letter from the Front
 2016-09-08 Allora Coal Mine
2016-09-01 School Fete, Pre-Wedding Evening (Telford), Death of George Rickert, Goomburra Ghost, Letter to the Editor
2016-08-25 Apex Club Helps out, Car Gymkhana, Experiences in Syria, New Club Formed, Presentation
2016-08-18 Queensland Government Gazette August 1866
2016-08-11 Dutchy Wells – a hermit who lived on the Allora Mountain
2016-08-04 Explosion at Goomburra, Pre-Wedding Evening-Geitz, Horse Down a Well, Election Meeting in Allora, Progressive Pig Breeder.
2016-07-28 Pratten Church Celebrations, Tenders, Florin Evening, Loyal Orange Lodge, Allora Police Court 
2016-07-21 Allora and District Historical Society, Street Stall, Allora Man Safe, Red Cross Day, Allora Coursing
2016-07-14 Allora Man Honoured-Rotory, Fishermen Please Note, Flynn of the Inland, Obituary-Downes
2016-07-07 Hen Killer Caught, Allora State School P&C Assoc., Allora Man Missing, Conscription Necessary, Coal at Allora
2016-06-23 Downs Polo Final, A Pre-Wedding Afternoon-Carey, C.W.A. Ball, Minstrel Club
2016-06-16 Shire Boundary Review, Allora P.O.W., Tennis Club, Football Match
2016-06-09 Visit to Parliament, A Farewell Evening-Jurgensen, Missing Youth Found, Shire Foreman Appointed
2016-06-02 Victoria Hill CWA, Boxing Tournament, T Model Adventure, Railway
2016-05-26 Daylight Saving, Allora Tennis Association, Letter from Darwin, Veteran’s Reunion, Divisional Board
2106-05-19 Allora Orienteering, A Pre-Wedding Evening-Neale, Council Resignation, Billycan Received, Draughts Match
2016-05-12 Cross Country Winners, Thanks, A Fine Record, Allora Shire Chairman, Pound at Allora
2016-05-05 Debutante Ball, A Farewell Evening- McLennan, Allora Casket Win, Order Your Paper, Coach Accident 
2016-04-28 Anzac Day, Car Wash, Rifle Club, Anzac Day
2016-04-21 Allora Player in Qld Team, Fishing Competition, Recruitment Campaign, Fire at Allora
2016-04-14 Goomburra Bush Fair, Thanks, Missing Sailors at Allora, An Aeroplane Reported
2016-04-07 Allora Swimmer Downs Rep., Thanks, Allora Police Court
2016-03-31 Pool Closes for Season, Allora Swimming Club, “A Funny War”, Allora Cricket Match
2016-03-24 Bowls Carnival, Golden Jubilee St. Joseph’s Convent, Harvest Festival, Returning Home, Allora Common
2016-03-17 No Council Summer Shutdown, Special Announcement, Soldiers Farewelled, Obituary-Anderson
2016-03-10 Obituary- Muller, Mothers Union Anniversary, Notice, Obituary-Ryan
2016-03-03 Trough in Park, Allora-Clifton Football Club, Airman Entertained, Obituary-Webb
2016-02-25 Allora Pony Club, Mr Wonderful Quest, Allora Golf Club, Drowning Fatality, Accident to Steam Engine
2016-02-18 Allora Shire Election, A Pre-Wedding Evening-Agnew, National Fitness Club, Allora Soldier Promoted, Spring Creek Reserve
2016-02-11 Allora Show, Result of Weight Guessing at the 1966 Allora Show, Infantile Paralysis, Welcome Home
2016-02-04 Allora Show Girl, Property Auction and Disposal Sale, Gift Evening-Telford, Change of Name Ellenthorp for Dalrymple
2016-01-28 Motor Bike Rally, Special Announcement, Allora Convent, Freight Rates, Minister Appointed
2016-01-21 80th Birthday Celebration – Gilmore, Allora Rural Youth, Farewell, Neighbourly Act
2016-01-14 Australia day Awards, Show Society, Flying Foxes
2015-12-17 Truck overturns, Notice, Allora Farewell, Hendon Send-off
2015-12-10 St. Patrick’s Jubilee, Allora Kindergarden, Obituary-Reppel, New Flag Unfurled
2015-12-03 Landcare Project, Notice, Patriotic  Donations, Obituary- McMillan, Allora
2015-11-26 Talgai Fundraiser, Date Claimer, Horses Killed, Show Abandoned, Allora Police, Spring Creek Reserve
2015-11-19 Pony Club Anniversary, Coat of Arms, CWA Younger Set, Obituary-Gwynne, Allora Cricket Club
2015-11-12 Allora Shire Council, CWA (Allora Branch), Farewell Function, Recruitment March, Talgai Reef
2015-11-05 Quiz Finalists, Bulk Grain Receivals, Soldiers Farewelled, Spring Creek Farewell, Talgai Washpool
2015-10-29 Netball Winners, Card Party and Wogs Afternoon, ACF Meeting, Allora Convent, New Q.N. Bank
2015-10-22 Sheaf Toss Winners, Allora Pony Club, Gold Champions, Obituary-Wright, Flour Mill Fire
2015-10-15 No Cricket Fixtures, A Welcome Home, Wheat Harvest, Wheat Samples
2015-10-08 Kindergarden Affiliated, Social Afternoon, Farewell, Wedding, Government Land Sale
2015-10-01 Polo Gold Cup, Rural Fire Brigade, Allora Red Cross, Obituary-Byrne, Wheat Crops
2015-09-24 Councilors Awarded, Soldiers’ Sendoff, Pre-Wedding Evening-McMillan, Travelling Sheep, Allora Progress
2015-09-17 Fun Festival, Upper Spring Creek Golden Jubilee Picnic, Church Anniversary, Soldiers’ Send-off
2015-09-10 Homestead Presentation, Auction Sale of “Glen Helen” Goomburra, Grain Growers Meeting, Grotto Blessed, The Warwick Railway
2015-09-03 Ladies Life Members, Public Meeting Pony Club, Bride-to-Be Honoured, To the Honourable the Secretary of Land and Works Brisbane
2015-08-27 Cheese factory Closure, Land Subdivisions, Allora Boy Scouts, Tree Planting, Allora Soldier Missing
2015-08-20 Mt Marshall Fire, Allora Shire Council Sale for Removal, Patriotic Sports, School Accident, Allora
2015-08-13 Allora Pony Club, Snowy Mountains Trip, Allora Defence League, Patriotic Procession
2015-08-06 Rifle Shooting, Pre-Wedding Evening, Farewell, Forest Springs School of Arts
2015-07-30 Shire Clerk Retires, Cattle sale Resume
2015-07-23 Phillip Conley
2015-07-16 Highway Upgrade, Drought Relief, New Hospital, Ploughing Match
2015-07-09 Historical Society AGM, Allora Fire Brigade, Allora News, Loyal Orange Lodge, District Court
2015-07-02 Dedication Recognised, Attention Table Tennis Players, Farewell Nurse Smith, Toowoomba Assizes Unnatural Offence
2015-06-25 Mystery Solved – A. Staniforth
2015-06-18 Poultry Show, Credit Union, Obituary-Milkins, Letter from Egypt, The Via Recta
2015-06-11 Subdivision Concern, Wedding-Easton& Evans, Ticks at Allora, Accident, Hendon Allora Railway
2015-06-04 Ladies Bowls Champion, Obituary-Jenkins, A Bunch of Curios, Land Sale
2015-05-28 International Day, Water Supply Opened, East Talgai Road, Coursing
2015-05-21 Break and Enters, Death at Allora, School for Talgai West, Allora
2015-05-14 Charity Cabaret, Wedding Bells, Paddy’s Market, Land Sale
2015-05-07 Debutante Ball, Presbyterian Moderator, Send-off for Pte. McDowell, Allora Petty Sessions
2015-04-30 No Article
2015-04-23 Anzac Day, Allora Shire Council Notice of Result of Poll, Champion Wheat, Spring Creek Races, Allora
2015-05-16 Business Council, Fluoride Debate, Pre-Wedding Evening-Bond, Obituary-Mason, Queensland Government Gazette
2015-04-09 Junior Cricket, Shire of Allora Benefited Area Allora Water Supply, Football at Kalbar, Healthy Allora, Fatal Accident
2015-04-02 Business Council, Comforts Fund, Town Common, Horse Thief Arrested
2015-03-26 Bravery Recognition, St. Patrick’s School, Obituary-Smith
2015-03-19 St. Patrick’s Day at Victoria Hill, Harvest Festival, Obituary-Geck, Allora Progress
2015-03-12 New Students Welcomed, Pig Raisers Please Note, Allora News, New Allora Shire
2015-03-05 School Secretary Farewelled, Allora State School Parents & Citizens Association, Telephone Extension, Travelling Dairy, Court of Petty Sessions
2015-02-26 Unblemished Record, Learn the New Dance Craze, Record Twins, Wedding-Reid, Allora Show
2015-02-19 Public Notice- Allora Women’s Hospital Auxiliary, Allora Football Club, Steward’s Enquiry, Pig Trucking Yards
2015-02-12 Allora Show a Success, A Farewell and Presentation, Death of Allora Priest, Dear Dad
2015-02-05 White’s Garage, Allora Show Girl, A pre-Wedding Evening, Allora Artist’s Success, Glengallan Station
2015-01-29 Lawn Cemetery, Jubilee Celebrations, Swimming Pool Appeal, Death of Old Resident, Cricket Win for Allora 
2015-01-22 Allora Show Ball, Allora Show Princess Ball, Struck by Lightning, New Shire, Public Works
2015-01-15 Popular Position, Wanted, Accident, Champion Swimmers Visit, War Looms
2014-12-18 Allora and District Residents, Children’s Christmas Party, Christmas Greetings from our Soldiers in Egypt, Christmas Greetings
2014-12-14 Silver Wedding- Kilpatrick-McBray, Boxing Tournament
2014-12-04 Allora Cafe, Presentation and Farewell, Downs Pioneer, Accident, Police Court
2014-11-27 Allora Centenary Grant
2014-11-20 Speech Night, Three Electrocuted, St Patrick’s Celebrations, Near Riot
2014-11-13 Wrecking Yard Approved, Wheat Harvest, Wedding, No Work for the Unemployed
2014-11-06 Koalas to be Protected, A Presentation Social and Dance, Golden Wedding, A Prickly Save, Government Land Sale
2014-10-30 Photos
2014-10-23 Thankyou, Cloncurry Farewell, Surprise Party, Harvest Machinery
2014-10-16 Postponement, Sincere Thanks, Cattle Breeding by Artificial Insemination, An Australian at War
2014-10-09 Dairy Co-op Merger, A Car Rally, Allora Sport, Allora Accident, Wages Claim
2014-10-02 Polo Gold Cup, A Farewell and Presentation, Youths Arrested, An Unusual Find, Drowning Death Inquest
2014-09-18 Tennis Presentation, Cannon Hill Report, Horse Parade, Machinery Trial
2014-09-11 Meals on Wheels, Red Cross Branch Formed, Accident at Racecourse, Allora
2014-09-04 Apex Club Changeover, Electricity Supply for the Downs, Some Excuse, Popular Wedding, Toowoomba Court
2014-08-28 Railway Hotel Allora, Urgent All Interested People, Snow at Wallangarra, Soldiers’ Send-off
2014-08-21 Land Valuation Protests, QCWA Notes, Disastrous Fire, Town of Allora
2014-08-14 A Greener Allora, Allora and District Tennis Assoc.- Olsen Shield, 15 year Old Bids for Golf Title, War
2014-08-07 New Court to be Opened, Public Announcement, Police Magistrate Warwick
2014-07-31 Settlers or Speculators, Wheat-Wheat, Missing Friends
2014-07-24 When is a Town a “Town”
2014-07-17 Horse Tales, Visit by Notable Politicians
2014-07-10 Photos, Trees Saved, Proposed Cheese Factory, Orange Celebration, Remarkable Changes of Sides
2014-07-03 Multipurpose Court, Golden Wedding, Allora Town Council, Allora
2014-06-26 Pre-Wedding Evening, Approaching Wedding, Home at Last, Another Fox
2014-06-19 Photos, Orienteering Course, Cure for Insomnia, Boxing Fiasco
2014-06-12 Big Rates Increase, Big Beatle Beat Dance, Miss Sapsford Visits Allora, Donovan-Baker Wedding
2014-06-05 Photos, Apex Auction, Announcement, Diamond Wedding, Remarkable Gall-stone
2014-05-29 Pig and Calf Yards
2014-05-22 L.A. May & Co., Dementia Funding for Allora Hospital, Australian Defence League, Boxing
2014-05-15 Kennedy’s Flour Mill, New Craft Room, Who’s Who of Allora, Cost of Flying
2014-05-08 Photos, Driving Tests to End, Goomburra Cricket Presentation, Sunday School Jubilee
2014-05-01 Anglican Deb Ball, Election Result Allora Shire Council, Moderator-Elect, Rugby Union
2014-04-24 Old Allora Characters, Wattles Defeated by Hawks, First Seed Grader
2014-04-17 Photos, Allora News, Traffic Cases
2014-04-10 Death of W.A. Cameron, Family Treasure, Allora-Cricket Premiers
2014-04-03 Photos, Allora School Presentation, Allora Functions, Gaslight Handicap
2014-03-27 Photos, Sports Grants, Allora Farewells, Gun Accident, Census Details
2014-03-20 Mt Marshall Objections, Allora Shire Council, Delivery of Papers, That Talgai Road
2014-03-13 St. Patrick’s Day, Let’s Go Stompin!, Collision With Train, War Memorial Park, St. Patrick’s Day, “Nu-Airon”
2014-03-06 Council’s Computer Criticised, Allora Swimming Pool Appeal Now Open, Veteran Teacher Retires, Council Portrait Gallery
2014-02-27 Dam at Goomburra, Allora Presentation, Archbishop Visits, Marriage
2014-02-20 Public Notice, Allora Volunteer Fire Brigade, Lodge Golden Jubilee, A Complaint, Charles Lambley
2014-02-13 Allora Show, Allora Show Society, Goomburra Dance, Allora Show
2014-02-06 Historic Graves
2014-01-30 Notice, Class of 1964, Death Inquiry Adjourned
2014-01-23 Australia Day Celebrations, Notice, Golden Wedding, Mr Deacon Honoured, Brutal Murder
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